Joel GoslinsJoel Goslins
Passed first time
Congratulations Joel on passing first time, another box ticked.

Jacob WilkinsonJacob Wilkinson
Passed on 3rd attempt
Well done to Jacob who finally overcame his nerves and successfully passed his driving test.

Emma WilliamsEmma Williams
Passed first time
Thank you for all your help Greg, lessons were great and I will recommend you to others. Congratulations Emma on a fine drive.

Ross EnglandRoss England
Passed first time
Well done to Ross on successfully completing test booster course.

Jamie LeaJamie Lea
Passed on 2nd attempt
Just want to say thank you Greg for getting me through my driving test, I couldn't have done it without you. Well done Jamie and safe driving.

Esme PeersEsme Peers
Passed first time
Esme finally got to take her test after 2 postponement due to bad weather, congratulations to Esme on passing first.A great start to 2017 for Esme as she returns to uni with a spring in her step.

Jesse HornJesse Horn
Passed first time
First time pass for Jesse, following in his brother foot steps. Pressure what pressure.

Gemma LancasterGemma Lancaster
Passed on 2nd attempt
Well done to Gemma on passing her driving test.

Imogen FinchImogen Finch
Passed first time
Congratulations to Imogen on passing first time.

Amber IllmanAmber Illman
First time pass
A great drive by Amber, well done.

Congratulations to Susan on passing her driving test with 2 minors. The examiner commented on how much he enjoyed her driving.

Thank you so much! Wouldn’t be possible without your help.

Congratulation to Zak on passing his driving test, a great way to start the New Year.

Just like to thank you for your help and time with Zak, I will keep your number for my daughter in November, I will also pass it on to friends and family. Paul.

Rebecca got herself a great Christmas present by passing her driving test. Well done to her as she heads back to university.

Well done to Mark who took some time from driving to continue his university studies, After two year break a great way to end the year on passing her driving test.

First Time Pass
Well done to Gemma on passing her driving test first time.

First time pass after only 20 hrs with LDC + Private practice
Congratulation to Jesse who joined his brother in passing his driving test first time. Thanks Greg for all your help.

Well done Krishna

Congratulation Cameron, Cameron joins his siblings on passing his driving test using the LDC system.

Thanks Greg for helping me.

Congratulation to Laura on passing her driving test Laura took time out from her university studies to take the Midway pass course.

Well done to Felicity on passing her driving test first time after taking the one week pass course.

Thanks Greg for all your help.

Well done to Amanda on passing her driving test.

Well done to Shade on passing her driving test.

Thanks Greg I still can’t believe I have passed.

Congratulation to Hollie who finally conquer her nerves to pass her driving test.

Well done Will, persistence paid off for Will as he finally beat his nerves to pass his driving test.

Thanks Greg I couldn't have done it without you.

Congratulations to Elena for passing first time. The lessons were a birthday present from her Nan and it was a great way to thank her. And another tick in the box of her successes for 2014.

Well done to Eleanor for passing first time.
Many thanks in helping Ellie to get through her test. Now that she has her independence there is no stopping her! Best Wishes Howard.

Alex passed his driving test first time. Alex took the semi- intensive training course, as a job offer was depending on him being able to drive.

After two postponements due to bad weather, Kiera finally took her driving test and passed. Well done to her.

Well done to Eken. After failing her first test Eken decided to have another go after a two year gap and pass with flying colours.

Thanks Greg I still can't believe it.

Big thanks to Greg for helping me through my test.

Congratulation to Jared on passing first time.

Thanks Greg for helping me to pass, it's good to know that instructors can get their points across with out shouting when things are not going to plan.

When Patricia came to me for help with her driving I was aware she had failed her driving test a couple of times.

How ever, Persistence paid off for Patricia who finally passed.

Thanks Greg for helping me through my driving test.

A little sibling rivalry helped Aruj to pass first time with fewer errors than her brother.

Congratulations to Lynette on passing her driving test. Lynette had been meaning to take her test for some time. Her husband took the bull by the horn and booked her test giving her a six week period to pass her test, Lynette kept to the task and passed first time.

My thanks to Greg who was recommended by my friend.

Well done to Jordon who passed first time after taking the midway pass course.

I found Greg to be patient and helpful and would gladly recommend him to anyone looking to take driving lessons. I will also be taking my pass plus with Greg.

Thanks Greg for helping me to pass my driving test.

Our son recently passed his practical driving test having learned to drive with Greg Worrell. As parents initially keen to try to teach our child to drive, we had not done the best of jobs in creating a calm and relaxed learning environment in the vehicle - and, as a result, our son was a fairly stressed out learner driver and did not seem to enjoy the experience at all. We quickly decided to invest in lessons and hand the job over to a professional - and it really was the best decision we ever made !

Our son found learning with Greg to be a calm, relaxed, fun, confidence-building experience and enjoyed all the sessions with his new tutor. He completed an intensive course with Greg, and soon felt ready to take his test. Sadly, due to a wee blip on the day, he failed his first test - however, even the Driving Examiner said that our son deserved to pass as his driving was of a very high standard. Just prior to his second test, our son followed up his intensive sessions with a few extra driving lessons with Greg (we offered to pay for 10 more lessons 'just to make sure' but Greg reduced the number required to reflect our son's existing skill thus showing real confidence in our son's ability which, again, increased his self confidence) and, we are very happy to report that he was successful on his second attempt.

In summary, Greg took a young person lacking in confidence and with a 'difficult start' and turned him into a skilled, confident driver who ENJOYS his driving !!! We can't thank Greg enough for his efforts and the wonderful style of tutoring that he adopted with our son. It really did make all the difference and we will be eternally grateful.

If you are seeking a driving instructor for yourself or for your off-spring, and you want to feel confident that your financial investment will get a really good return, choose Greg Worrell - he'll get your through and always with a smile.

Thanks Greg

Thanks Greg for helping me to pass first time. I couldn't have done it without you.

Well done to James. James passed first time, completing the course and theory test in eight weeks.

Passed first time after taking the booster course.

After driving on an international license for some months, with some persistence Clement achieved his goal and passed his driving test.

Congratulations to Jamie for passing first time.
Thanks Greg for all your help. Thank you so much for your hard work and commitment in helping me learn to drive,one more thing ticked off on my journey.

Well done to Moses for passing his driving test after taking the test booster course.

Congratulations Hayden - sibling rivalry spurred him on as he passed his driving test first time, just edging his sister out with 4 minors.

Well done to Anthony for passing his driving test first time with 2 minors. Anthony took the 1 week intensive training course as he had a limited time available and needed to pass his test asap.

Learning to drive with Greg has been a great experience. Greg very friendly and he teaches you to the highest standard. If I did something wrong, he made me do it again repeatedly until I did it right.

He was flexible with days and time, which made it much easier for me. In short

Greg, you are a star! And I would recommend you to anybody who's looking to become a good safe driver. Thank you Greg!!!

Thank you Greg.

Thanks Greg for helping me to pass first time.

I booked one-week driving course with LDC as I didn't want a long drawn out training course, and the LDC driving skills work book and DVD was a great help. I had a great instructor in Greg he helped me to pass first time with half the amount of errors my sister had when she passed her test.

Greg helped me to pass my driving test; I was under a lot of pressure to pass, as I would be required to do a lot of driving. He was very professional and supportive. Thank you Greg.

Thanks Greg for helping me to pass my driving test. You were a great help and I will be recommending you to my friends who are considering taking driving lessons.

Thanks Greg for helping me to pass.

Greg was a fantastic instructor and very patient with me! I also found him friendly and professional and would definitely recommend him to anyone. Thanks Greg

I chose the semi-intensive driving course over a two-week period and I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to take driving lessons over a short period of time.

The LDC Driving Skills workbook and DVD was a great help to me and together with Greg's instructing I passed my test first time. He was patient, friendly and full of encouragement identifying any difficulties I had and helping me to resolve them. Thanks Greg

Neil Neil
Neil pass first time on valentines day.
A work colleague recommended Greg to me; he was always very professional and understanding at a very difficult time for me.

The LDC workbook was very helpful in preparing me for my lessons; I took the test booster course as I had some driving experience and with Greg's help was able to pass first time with 3 minor errors. It was a great relief for me, as I required a driving licence in my work capacity.

I will certainly recommend him to anyone I know that is interested in taking driving lessons.

Passed first time with 4 minor errors
I would recommend Greg to anyone looking for driving lessons as I found him to a professional and patient driving instructor. I wanted to surprise my family and didn't tell them I was taking driving lessons and with the help and encouragement of Greg I passed first time with 4 minor errors.

Thank you Greg for helping me to pass.

Passed at her 2nd attempt
Thanks Greg you were a great help to me.

Passed using the 1 week semi-intensive course.
Thanks Greg for helping me to successfully complete my driver training. The LDC training system with DVD and Work Book was of great help to me, and I would recommend the 1-week semi-intensive training as it enabled me to be more focused.

I found you to be professional and patient during the course of my training and would recommend you to anyone wanting to take driving lessons.

Thanks Greg for helping me to pass first time, I will definitely be recommending you to my sister when she is looking for a driving instructor after her 17 birthday later this year.

Greg thank you for all your help, you are a brilliant instructor, I couldn't have done it without you.

I would like to thank Greg for helping me to pass my driving test at the first attempt. I found Greg to be patient and full of encouragement when things were not going to plan and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor.

A big thank you to Greg for his competence in teaching me to drive, resulting in me passing my driving test at the first attempt after only 18 hours of training.

Greg helped me to pass first time, he was always patient and helpful.

Greg is a patient and approachable instructor and he made me feel at ease during my lessons. He is funny and down to earth whilst being professional and encouraging, and he will make you do things over and over again until you get them right!!

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